Week 39 Feature 

(26 Sept - 02 Oct)

Listen to Music Composer Rettward von Doernberg's latest release - 'Be Water' - featured regularly during Week 39 on RadioVideo

A jaunty piece of instrumental New Age music that seamlessly combines pop, opera, ambient electronica, big band and Baroque while at the same time never ceasing to surprise!

"'Be Water' was born out of the desire to create a truly exuberant piece of music“, explains von Doernberg. "At the same time, I wanted it to seamlessly integrate a series of diverse ensembles and styles. I was also aiming for a piece that wouldn’t be too short, and would continue to offer new surprises instead of coming to an end.“

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  • 9pm - 1am: VARIETY (music from a wide variety of genres punctuated with local features)

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